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Layover Report Ordering Options !

1.  FlightCrew Resources, can retrieve your Crew Pay Registers directly from the United Airlines FlyingTogether website on your behalf;

IMPORTANT!:  This option authorizes FlightCrew Resources, Llc. to act as your agent for the sole purpose of retrieving your United Crew Pay Registers from FlyingTogether. To accomplish this you will need to include your FlyingTogether login info in your order form. For your protection, all passwords will be encrypted before being submitted.

Important Note: Passwords are not visible and are used solely by our software to retrieve your Crew Pay Registers. Unencrypted Passwords are not saved or stored by FlightCrew Resources!

**  Options for FltCrew-iLog [iOS App] Users  **

2.  Now FltCrew-iLog Users may submit their Flight Data directly from the App!

To use this method you use the 'BACKUP' (to server) feature in the App to upload a copy of your data file to our web server. Then you simply submit the Order Form using the link below. Be sure to include your File Name (as found on the front cover of the App) in the order form. Then (after submitting the order form) your secure online payment may be made right through the website. As an additional benefit, FltCrew-iLog users will receive access to data files which will allow you to display this information right within the App. Please choose one of the options below:

      A - United Airlines Crewmembers:

We recommend that you allow us to base your Layover Report on your United Airlines Crew Pay Register Data:

      B - Other Airline Crewmembers:

We will base your Layover Report solely on your iLog Data: