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Layover Expense (Per Diem) Tax Reports

We provide United Airlines Crewmembers
With a No Receipts Required! ... Layover Expense Tax Report

(Showing the *maximum authorized Per Diem Tax Deduction for your Layovers.)

We do the work ... You get the deduction !

We combine your United Airlines (UAL) crewmember flight data with the published IRS/GSA 'standard city' Per Diem rates for your layover cities, to provide you with a customized Layover Expense Tax Report. This allows you to claim the full legal tax deduction for your Meal and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) for your travel as a UAL flight crewmember. Our process avoids the 'hassle' of having to keep individual receipts to justify your crew travel expenses.

Our Report is Easy to Read !

Our easy to read report includes the exact IRS data used for each layover calculation, so there is no doubt that the deductible amount is correct for that specific layover.

We're Fast !

Your completed report should normally be received within 48 hours of placing your order. Depending on volume, many reports are returned the same day!

Please Note! ... Most delayed reports are due to an invalid return email address provided in the order. If you do not receive your Layover Report expiditiously (within 48 hours), you should contact us using the 'Contact Us' link at the top of this page to ensure we have your correct email address.

Our Fees are Low !

The fee for this service is $45 per Report (tax year), and you can make your secure online payment using most Major Credit Cards or PayPal™. We feel our service is well worth the cost, so feel free to look around the website. Then, if you would like us to prepare a Layover Expense Tax report for you, simply click the button below to start.

Attention Legacy United (L-UAL) Flight Attendants !
Unfortunately, we are currently unable to access L-UAL Flight Attendant data.
We hope to be able to provide Layover Reports for L-UAL Flight Attendants in the near future.