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About FlightCrew Resources, Llc.

FlightCrew Resources, Llc. is a company which provides a software driven process to access United Airlines company Crew Pay Registers (which show your actual crew travel for the previous year). Our software then correlates that with the IRS/GSA standard city per diem rates which are also used by government employees to calculate allowed per diem when they travel on business. This process authorized in the IRS regulations allows crewmembers to deduct their company crew travel expenses without the 'hassle' of having to keep individual receipts.

Our unique software was originally crafted as a method to automate the process of accessing crew pay registers in order to compute layovers and calculate crew travel (per diem) expense deduction for a Federal Income Tax Return. These Meal & Incidental Expenses (M&IE) are deductible as Employee Business Expenses.

After showing the software to other crewmembers, it became so popular that it was decided to offer this service to others for a nominal fee. The company was then created to offer this automated process to all United Airlines crewmembers, offering a simple straight forward method to calculate their company travel Layover Expenses for tax deduction purposes. This automated process along with our website offers a quick and easy process for crewmembers to order and then pay securely on line.

While we do not provide complete tax filing services, we have provided many thousands of Layover Reports to satisfied United airlines Crewmembers over the years.

We hope you will find our service useful in determining your deductible Crew Travel Expenses and look forward to serving you soon.

Fly Safe, Ric
Best Regards From FligntCrew Resources, Llc.

Captain RH Morrill
FlightCrew Resources, Llc.