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How do I order a Layover Expense Tax Report?

Please go to the 'Order Start' page for a full explanation of the Order Submission Process.

What type of expenses are being calculated in the Layover Expense Tax Report?

The IRS allows taxpayers to claim “necessary” and “reasonable” expenses incurred during business related travel. To make reporting easier, the government (IRS/GSA) periodically publishes “standard” Meal and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) rates for cities throughout the world. These M&IE rates can be used in lieu of keeping individual receipts for expenses incurred during business related travel. We combine your United Airlines Flight Data with the published M&IE Rate Data for your layover cities, to calculate your maximum IRS authorized Tax Deduction for your travel as a crew member, and put it into a clear concise Layover Expense (M&IE) Tax Report.

Where does FlightCrew Resources get the data for the Report?

IRS/GSA published M&IE City Rates... The government (IRS/GSA) periodically publishes “standard” M&IE Rates for Cities throughout the world. Deductible amounts listed in the report have been calculated using these published M&IE Rates combined with your Flight Data (Trips) directly from the FlyingTogether website.

Why are the actual times for my Layovers adjusted (ADJ) in my report?

According to IRS guidelines;

“For both the day you depart on and the day you return from a business trip, you must prorate the standard M&IE meal allowance (figure a reduced amount for each day). To make reporting easier, you can claim ¾ of the standard meal allowance for each of these Travel Days, and claim the full daily rate for the days in between.”

To conform with these IRS guidelines, your actual Travel Times for the first and last day of each trip have been “prorated” (adjusted to 06:00 and 18:00 respectively) to reflect 3/4 of a day.

Can I claim the entire amount listed in the Report?

Yes... You can claim the entire amount less any reimbursements (Per Diem) paid to you by the company. These reimbursements are found on your W-2 Form and your Company Pay Records. Both of these amounts are entered on IRS Form-2106 (Employee Business Expenses). The difference between them is your “net” deductible amount.

Is this Tax Deduction “Legit”?

Absolutely!... According to the IRS, even though the company pays for Hotels, crew members are authorized to deduct necessary Meals and Incidental Expenses (M&IE) incurred while traveling on business. The IRS/GSA publishes standard rates for cities throughout the world. You may claim these amounts as deductions for your business travel without keeping individual receipts.

How much of a deduction can I expect using a FlightCrew Resources Report?

The exact amount depends on several factors. Primarily, the number and length of your Layovers (not “turns”), and the Cities you laid over in. European cities tend to have much higher allowances than Domestic cities, although Domestic city rates have increased over the years.

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