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If I get audited by the IRS, what will I need to justify my deduction?

The Layover Expense Tax Report... It was created directly from Company Records of your Flight Data and IRS/GSA published M&IE Rates. As such, the Report should contain all the information needed by the IRS to justify the Deduction Amount listed in it.

If I use the Layover Report, do I also have to keep receipts for my actual layover expenses?

No... The amounts listed in the Layover Expense Tax Report are for Meal and Incidental Expenses (M&IE). According to IRS guidelines, the published standard M&IE allowances can be claimed in lieu of keeping individual receipts.

How does FlightCrew Resources access my CCS Company Flight Data Records?

In order to get the information required to create your report, we need to access information contained in your Final Pay Registers for the requested year. These records are available on the United FlyingTogether website. For us to retrieve these electronic documents, we need to temporarily access your FlyingTogether Account.

Couldn’t someone “hack in” to FlightCrew Resources and get access to my Password?

Using our new “automated” system, your password is encrypted, allowing only our software to access to your FlyingTogether Flight Data directly. Therefore, we do not keep (or even see) unencrypted passwords.

What if I’m not comfortable allowing FlightCrew Resources to access my FlyingTogether Account?

You can provide us with your Final Pay Register Screens directly as “Web Page Source” (.html) files as an alternative to providing your FlyingTogether log-in data. To accomplish this just follow the simple instructions listed on the Order Information Page.

Is cost of the expense of the Layover Report also deductible on my taxes?

Yes... The cost of preparing your tax return (including the expense of this This Report) is deductible as a Tax Preparation Expense.

Can FlightCrew Resources also Prepare my entire Tax Return?

No... We do not prepare taxes. We only supply the Layover Reports, which combine the IRS/GSA standard M&IE City Allowances with your United Airlines Flight Data for use in calculating deductible crew travel expenses for tax filing purposes.

Does FlightCrew Resources give Tax Advice?

No... The Layover Expense Tax Report is provided solely as a guide in determining a crew member’s deductible (M&IE) Business Travel Expenses for tax filing purposes. You should always consult a Tax Specialist to determine all your available deductions, as other factors (including changes to applicable tax laws) may apply.

I haven’t been deducting this expense ... Can I order Report(s) for prior Tax Years?

Yes... We can access your FlyingTogether Flight Data and create Layover Expense Tax Reports for prior tax years. This allows you to file Amended Tax Returns going back 3 years, as allowed by the IRS.

Does FlightCrew Resources offer Refunds?

Since we are performing a service... We do not offer refunds after we have produced your Layover Expense Tax Report. However, if during the calculation process we find that your deductible amount does not justify the cost of our service, we will attempt to notify you and allow you to cancel your order and if pre-paid, receive a refund.

Does FlightCrew Resources guarantee their Reports?

Yes we do. Click here: TERMS AND CONDITIONS to view our Terms, Conditions and Guarantee.

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